Lootz: Mogsy’s Book Haul

Welcome to this feature where I showcase the books I bought or received for review in the past couple of weeks. First, the physical pile:

book haul 6

The Mad Apprentice – *does a happy dance* This book is the second installment of the middle-grade series The Forbidden Library which isn’t coming out for a while yet (next April) but I’m so excited to read this regardless. Big big BIG thanks to the author Django Wexler for sending me the ARC.

Shifting Shadows – a collection of short stories from Patricia Brigg’s Mercy Thompson series, some of which have previously been published along with a couple brand new ones. I’m typically one to skip shorts and novellas that are separate from the full length novels in existing fantasy universes, but Ace was awesome enough to send this one along, and seeing as I have it on hand I’m going to read it. Plus, it’s hard to say no to anything that has to do with Mercy Thompson.

Gleam – my thanks to Jo Fletcher Books for sending me this book for review, the description of the story looks great and from what I’ve heard about it, the world sounds simply amazing. I’m hoping to start Gleam this weekend.

Kell’s Legend – I think I have Andy Remic and Angry Robot to thank for this nice surprise that showed up one day; I read and enjoyed the author’s book The Iron Wolves late last year and shared my review, which got me some neat Iron Wolves and Andy Remic goodies. Whatever the case, I’m very grateful to receive Kell’s Legend; it’s been on my radar for a while but I haven’t read it yet.

Sword of the Bright Lady – a finished copy of this book arrived which is a reminder I should get to reading this soon. After seeing Lisa’s review of this novel at Tenacious Reader and hearing some fascinating things about it, I’m pretty curious and excited about checking this out now. My thanks to Pyr Books for the review copy.

Jala’s Mask – this ARC is courtesy of Pyr again, and I am very intrigued by this book’s cover and description. It’s always refreshing to see some diversity in characters and cultures when it comes to fantasy fiction.

And now for the digital pile:

 Ancillary Sword  The Heart Does Not Grow Back  Dead Witch Walking  Skinwalker

The Source

 Ancillary Sword some of the sci-fi stuff in Ancillary Justice proved to be a little too heavy for my head to wrap around, which is probably why I didn’t like the book as much I should have. But towards the end I found myself really getting into it, and so I have high hopes that I will love this sequel. My thanks to Orbit for the invite to review the eARC.

The Heart Does Not Grow Back – I first heard about this book from Tammy at Book, Bones & Buffy from one of her Waiting on Wednedays, and she knows how upset I am at her for breaking my one-and-a-half-month long streak from not requesting anything from Netgalley! *shakes fist at Tammy* Oh, I’m just kidding!  I can’t be mad seeing how awesome this book sounds. I’m very glad my request got approved.

Dead Witch Walking and Skinwalker – book #1s from all these big name Urban Fantasy series seem to be going on sale these days. Not that I’m complaining. When I saw the ebooks for Dead Witch Walking (which was FREE earlier this week) and Skinwalker (which was $1.99) on sale, I just had to grab them and the audiobooks because of the sweet deals on their Whispersync bundles. Both Kim Harrison and Faith Hunter have been on my list of “UF authors who I shamefully have not read yet”, so double score.

The Source – I binge listened to the audiobook of the The Line earlier this week, which is the first book of the Witching Savannah series. Oh my, how addicting. It’s like an urban fantasy about witches meets Days of Our Lives. Talk about the scandalous dark side of family relationships. I’m not ashamed to admit I ate it all up like buttery, buttery popcorn and grabbed this sequel as soon as I was done, just in case I want to indulge in this guilty pleasure again soon.

26 Comments on “Lootz: Mogsy’s Book Haul”

  1. I have very high hopes for Gleam, so definitely looking forward to your thoughts! Nice score on Ancillary Sword 😀 I’ll probably be reading that January earliest.


  2. OOh nice! I kind of fell out of the Mercy Thompson books sadly. It wasn’t planned and kind of happened without my realizing it!

    I do love Kim Harrison’s books! You’re in for a treat with this series! Hope you enjoy it too!

    My STS will be up tomorrow, so be sure to stop by then!

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower 🙂


    • I know how it is, there are so many UF series these days, it’s hard to keep up with them all and a few will inevitable fall to the wayside. And thanks, I’m looking forward to starting Dead Witch Walking!


  3. I’m practically drooling over your pretties, Mogsy. So many lovely ARCs to read. ❤ Ha, I just read your review of the Forbidden Library a day or 2 days ago but I'm immediately convinced. Definitely looking forward to your review.

    Ah there's Patricia Briggs again. Still need to pick up the first Mercy Thompson book. Been hearing a lot of good things about it.

    And I have already stayed away from Kindle deals and Amazon freebies. They can get very addictive once you start clicking.

    High five for the awesomeness of Netgalley this week. Worried of my review ratio though. XD

    Have a fun weekend, Mogsy!


    • Yes, I saw in a recent post that you enjoy Middle Grade fantasy, so you must add The Forbidden Library to your list and check it out! I love Wexler’s adult novels, and he writes well for a children’s novel too.


  4. Nice haul, Mogsy! You don’t even know how excited I am for you to read Skinwalker! I have seriously high hopes for Jane Yellowrock – I think she could angle for a spot on my top UF heroines list. It’s pretty prestigious 😉

    And you got Dead Witch Walking! I got it free from iBooks too, which is a good thing because 1) free things and 2) Jessica from Rabid Reads raves about Rachel Morgan, so it’s gotta be good.


  5. I’m normally not one to read short stories either, but I really really enjoyed Shifting Shadows since it is mostly about secondary characters so we get knowledge and viewpoints I’ve never had the chance to read before 😀


    • Oh, I had no idea about the secondary characters, that’s awesome to know! I love Mercy’s perspective, but I don’t mind getting to read some of the others’. Now I’m even more curious.


  6. I’m so glad you found a guilty pleasure in The Line. I did to, and The Source was no different. I haven’t got around to writing that review but it it’s a quick delicious guilty pleasure read too.


  7. Thanks for the shout out for Sword of the Bright Lady, hope you enjoy it! And now I have both you and Tammy to blame for requesting The Heart does not Grow back! Her for making me want to read it. And you for letting me know it was on NetGalley 😛 Gleam also sounds really good!


    • You definitely made Sword of the Bright Lady sound much more interesting than its description and cover! And I think we should just blame Tammy together 😛


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