Lootz: Mogsy’s Book Haul

I’m still a bit behind on featuring books from my mailbox, but better late than never! These are some new additions to my library earlier this month:

Book Haul 3
All Those Vanished Engines – courtesy of Tor, this one looks interesting but I’ll admit I’m a bit intimidated about giving it a go. Still, I’m willing to try anything!

Unwept – like I said, I’m a bit behind on my mailbox posts, this one actually arrived a while ago, and you can see my review here!

The Wurms of Blearmouth – A surprise arrival, I had no idea if I was going to be able to into this fifth book of Malazan novellas, since I’ve read like a grand total of one Malazan book — the first one, in fact. But I hear it’s pretty straightforward and easy to pick up, and it looks like a quick read so I may check it out if I have time.

Storm Siren – as you know, I’m getting a lot more picky with my YA reads these days, but I thought this one sounded really interesting. Very excited to be reading and reviewing this one for next month, along with a giveaway!

Shadows – from DAW, this is the sequel to last year’s Masks, which I really enjoyed. Can’t wait to read it.

Dust and Light – this has been on my wishlist for a while, so it was a really cool surprise to see it show up! Never read anything by Carol Berg and I’m looking forward to it.

Vampires of Manhattan  The Broken Eye  Magic Bites

Vampires of Manhattan – my NetGalley stats were sitting at close to 90% so I figured requesting a couple more couldn’t hurt. I was invited to review this and couldn’t resist the “hipster horror” description, and it looks like a quick read so I went for it.

The Broken Eye – I was debating whether or not to continue the Lightbringer series, having enjoyed but not been blown away with the first two installments, but this third book has been getting some major praise from early reviewers, so I figured why not? Third time’s the charm and I went ahead with the eARC.

Magic Bites – I’ve never read anything by Ilona Andrews and I’ve heard so many positive things about this series. I’ve always wanted to give these books a go, and when the first six books went on sale in a recent Kindle Daily Deal, I saw my chance and picked up a bunch!

22 Comments on “Lootz: Mogsy’s Book Haul”

  1. I read Magic Bites. I thought it was fun but fairly incoherent. But the protagonist is strong enough that I could see it carrying a series and getting better.

    I am guessing no on the whole read the fifth malazan novella btw.


    • Interesting, I find plots of UF novels don’t get incoherent until after the first few books into the series, not usually the opener! But thanks for the heads up, I grabbed the whispersync audiobook bundle with the deal so I’ll most likely be listening to this one, so hopefully that might help.


  2. I’m very jealous of your 90 percent NG stats! I just picked up Storm Siren and Vampires of Manhattan here at Comic Con. I love the cover on the Paul Park book, but when I read the synopsis I was intimidated a bit! Awesome haul!


    • Oh I am so envious of your trip to Comic Con! I’m hearing some awesome things about Storm Siren, so hope we will both enjoy that one! I am not sure about the Paul Park one, I’m really hoping it’s something I can get into!


  3. Lots of good books! I’ve got several of your books on my August book list (Storm Siren, Dust and Light and Shadows (and Mask since I haven’t read it yet!)

    Ilona Andrews is one of my favorite authors. I haven’t gone back to read the first books, but I really like how the story arc has developed. I’m so looking forward to the book coming out next week…one of the only authors I pay full price (over $8).


    • Really looking forward to starting the Kate Daniels series. And I didn’t know Ilona Andrews had a new book coming soon! Maybe that’s why there was this deal on her books to build up buzz, either way I hope to start this one soon.


  4. This is a great looking haul. And, your NG stats are very impressive. I feel bad now 😦 I’m working on improving them though. Just need to stop adding to the pile!
    Vampires in Manhattan looks good. Will wait for your review of that.
    Lynn 😀


    • LOL well, though now with this newest book haul, my stats are back down to about 85%. As long as I’m hovering above that 80% goal, I can still relax I guess!


  5. YES MOGSY, READ MAGIC BITES! As with most UF series, book 1 is good – but by the time you get to book 3 you will be engaging in some pretty major flail over how awesome Kate Daniels is!


  6. Great load! I quite enjoyed The Blinding Knife, thought it was much better than Black Prism. curious to hear how The Broken Eye continues. An “hipster horror”, that sounds so incredibly appealing for some reason!


    • Yeah, VoM sounded interesting but I couldn’t get it over LibraryThing and so kinda forgot about it after that…but then the publisher emailed me about it and so I thought, heck why not! I’m still curious about it, so hopefully it’ll be good!


  7. Yeah, I saw a lot of books up there, but I’m fixating. Can you guess on what? Hmmmm?? 😀 Kate Daniels 4-EVAH.


    • You know, the author/series has been on my radar forever, but it was your recent reviews that finally pushed me over and made me decide to really go for it 😀


  8. This is the second post where I saw a Kate Daniel’s haul. It’s so hard to resist the 1.99$ deal, isn’t it? I haven’t read anything of Ilona Andrews though and it’s only recently that I’ve known her name. I hope that the Kate Daniels series will make a good read.

    What I’m really interested in, is the Storm Siren because it has such a pretty cover and title. And I just read the synopsis in GR. It’s awesome. It reminded me of The Winner’s Curse where one of the MCs was also a slave and was sold in an auction. ***I am now contemplating whether to request it from NG or not***

    And kudos to you for getting a 90% review ratio in NG. That’s no mean feat.

    Have a fun Sunday, Mogsy!


    • Haha, $1.99 ebook deals are the bane of my existence. I tell myself to stop buying books because I can’t possibly read all of them, but when I see these sales, all that logic just goes out the window. Daily deals and ebook sales get me every. Single. Time.

      And oh I hope Storm Siren have some similarities to Winner’s Curse! I remember liking that book. And with regards to my NG stats, I honestly don’t know how I manage it sometimes. I think I’m just in general paranoid and OCD so I get quite obsessive about numbers and stats 😛


      • **I just put in a request for Storm Siren in NG.** I can’t help it.

        It’s not only the 1.99 ebooks but the free ones as well. Argh.


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