Lootz: Mogsy’s Book Haul

It’s been a pretty hectic summer so far, so I’m actually a bit behind on featuring my new books. So a couple of these probably came a few weeks ago and there are some recent ones that didn’t make it into the picture, but every book arrival is cause for excitement and each will have their time in the spotlight, if not this time then definitely in the future! Here’s what’s in the physical pile today:

book haul 2

A Better World – the second book in the Brilliance Saga, a series apparently soon to be a motion picture. My interest was initially piqued by this sci-fi dystopian sounding thriller but I was a little nervous because I hadn’t read the first book – however, I was reassured that the second one can be enjoyed on its own and so that was great news indeed. My thanks to Wunderkind PR!

Into the Fire – courtesy of Jo Fletcher Books comes the sequel to The Detainee. I really enjoyed the first book, which could have been read as a stand alone, but I’m definitely up for finding out what happens next to these characters.

The Godless – another book from across the pond, this one courtesy of Tor UK which is why the cover might look a little different if you’ve seen the one from the publisher in the US! This one’s a nice big chunky book and I’m looking forward to nom nom nomming it.

Chasers of the Wind – a surprise arrival from Tor, I was originally on the fence about checking this out but now that I have it I’m probably going to give it a read some time this summer. I’ve already seen some pretty interesting reviews so I’m looking forward to exploring this one for myself.

Flight of the Golden Harpy – a beautiful finished copy of another book from Tor, this one’s pretty high on my list to tackle this summer.

Stitching Snow – my thanks to Tabitha from Not Yet Read for a copy of this! Reading early copies of YA books is pretty rare for me, but Tabs is always so good with hooking me up with any ARCs she can spare and she is my go-to guru when it comes to YA. I agree with her that this one sounds pretty sweet!

  Blindsight  Blightborn

Blindsight – I only gave in to one ebook deal this week! Blindsight is the predecessor to Echopraxia, a book you’ve probably seen getting some buzz because it’s about to come out next month. It’ll be good to have the first book right at hand if I decide to read the series, plus it was a nice price.

Blightborn – received via Netgalley. Couldn’t help it! It’s by Chuck Wendig and one of my top anticipated books for this summer, not to mention I enjoyed the first book immensely and I have auto-approval from Amazon Publishing. My willpower has its limits.

18 Comments on “Lootz: Mogsy’s Book Haul”

  1. I have the same copy of THE GODLESS, but I hadn’t realized it was a UK version. That makes it extra special! And I also have auto approval with Amazon Publishing, so BLIGHTBORN was a no brainer for me. Looks like we both have a pretty awesome pile of summer books to rsad:-)


  2. Willpower only goes so far sometimes! I wouldn’t have been able to resist the pretties either. I’m especially excited to hear your thoughts on Flight of the Golden Harpy and Stitching Snow. I’ve never read about a harpy before, and I can usually trust that YA fairy tale retellings will be good.


  3. I am totally jealous over The Godless. I likely won’t be able to snag that one, I sent a request to theUS pub tho so we will see.

    I am contemplating Blightborn but think I will pass and likely read his Blue blazes instead sometime soon.


    • Good idea, Blue Blazes was pretty awesome – I’m like the opposite, I’ve snagged Blightborn and am debating the sequel to Blue Blazes…but that’s still a ways off yet so I have time to decide.


  4. Stitching Snow and The Godless are on my i-burn-i-pine-i-perish shelf on goodreads, and I just got the first book in the Brilliance Saga. Great haul, Mogsy 😉


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