PANELS: Sex Criminals vol.1: One Weird Trick


Suzanne’s first sexual experience leads to the discovery of “The Quiet”  in Sex Criminals Volume 1: One Weird Trick

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  1. So what’s it all about then!? I’m doing a reading challenge for my local library and it’s to read a stack of comics and graphic novels this month. You lovely ladies put up these awesome panels but I admit I’m always to lazy to click through to find out if they’re for me, hence you must save me from laziness tell me. Are you liking it?


    • I loved Sex Criminals! Not what I expected at all. Really funny and witty and I could understand what the characters were going through from personal experience (minus the super powers). There are no spoilers in my review, so do clicky :-). I also recommend Rat Queens for your challenge, if you haven’t already read it. He’ll, just about everything from Image these days is amazing.


      • why not write some of the highlights with the panels posts? I think a lot of us never get around to clicking thru, so having the images and your review thoughts together would be awesome 🙂 that way I’d know right away that the sex was time stopping so they could rob banks! (Which sounds awesome)


        • Ah the world of instant gratification, yet you won’t click through. :-/ I post these as teasers and for visual interest, not for the sake of explanation and essays. The link is provided so, if the image is enough to interest you, then clicking through ought to be the next step to find out more.

          I know Mogsy is all about context, but personally speaking, I will read a book based entirely on the cover image or a single quote. I will pick up an entire comic series just based on a panel like this. And I’ll sell my soul to Bioware just because of a teeny tiny video game trailer featuring a single character talking about someone and something I don’t understand.

          I like to be teased and will make the effort to know more.

          I don’t expect everyone to be like me though (cuz I’m my own brand o’ crazy). If context is what you need, then both context and my review are but a click away. 🙂


          • I’m inclined to agree with Wendy.

            If a comic panel interests me enough from reading just the panel or seeing how it flows, I’m going to check it out for context because I want to know and I don’t necessarily need the person to provide that for me. If I’m not that moved by the panels, then I just keep it moving. If I don’t like what I’m reading after checking it out, I put it down.

            Personally, the things I like about panels and quotes without all the context (and yes, I know I am saying this as a reviewer) is that this is the one time I’m allowed some mystery for myself, a chance to go into something without having a review or someone’s feelings to kind of keep in the back of my mind about what I’m reading.

            Not that I don’t love reviews or discussing why someone likes books/comics because obviously I do, but I also enjoy someone giving me just a taste of something and then deciding for myself if I’m going to check it out or not.


          • Definitely to each their own of course! It’s definitely just a difference of opinion then. You know I read and review GNs as well and I sometimes include the panels if I can get them from the pubs so I guess I find it odd if I just see a panel without the blurb or something else to go along with it.

            Always nice to see people’s thoughts and how they like to blog/interact. I’ll definitely check out your review once I’ve finished reading it.


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