Mogsy’s Book Haul

Wolfhound Century – I’m actually not sure how this book has slipped my interest for so long, but it wasn’t until the recent release of the sequel that I finally started looking at the reviews and damn it just sounds so interesting. So excited that I won book one in a giveaway!

World of Trouble The Last Policeman series is simply awesome and totally underrated. It’s about a policeman who is determined to do his job to the very last second even as a killer asteroid is hurtling towards earth threatening to destroy all life in just a few months. I received the ARC of this third and last book of the trilogy from LibraryThing’s Early Reviewers program and something tells me it’s going to be explosive.

Veil of the Deserters – earlier this month I read and enjoyed Scourge of the Betrayer and was delighted when I got offered the exciting opportunity to review an ARC of the sequel. My thanks to Night Shade Books and Jeff Salyards! I loved the first book and I’ve heard the second is even better, so I’m super psyched.

Thief’s Magic – thus far the only Trudi Canavan book that I have under my belt is the first book of her Black Magician trilogy, and I know she has at least one other trilogy and a few other works that are based in that world. At first, I thought that was the case with Thief’s Magic as well, but apparently it’s a completely new start to a new story, and so I couldn’t resist checking it out. My thanks to Orbit Books!

The Shadow Throne – last but not least, I am over the moon about this ARC of the sequel to The Thousand Names. Even though it’s not releasing for a few months yet, I couldn’t help it, I dug in right away.

Half a King – I actually got this from Netgalley last week along with what seems like half the spec fic blogosphere, but I’d prepared my last book haul post early in preparation for a weekend trip so it didn’t make it in. Something tells me it’s going to be my last eARC from NG for a while, at least until I finish reviewing some of my current requests. I just really couldn’t resist this one though.

The Remaining and Malice – this week I also have audiobooks in the digital pile. I got some Audible coupon codes a few days ago, so what did I do? Decided to put them towards a couple Orbit audiobooks, of course.

Dragon Age: The Masked Empire – so is anyone else excited about Dragon Age: Inquisition? Earlier this week the October release date was announced along with a sweet new gameplay trailer. The original plan was to read this one right before DA:I to get myself pumped up, but I’ll probably crack before then. Regardless, I probably could have waited to buy this book, but I was still soaring rather high on the news and grabbed the Kindle version to go with the others. It’s the first DA novel not written by David Gaider, but Patrick Weekes is an awesome writer too.

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