Cover Reveal: John Golden, Freelance Debugger by Django Wexler

Today, it is my pleasure to bring you a special cover reveal and spotlight courtesy of Ragnarok Publications, a relatively new publisher that is already on its way to putting out some very fine books. I’m super excited to be sharing this because the following is a project from one of my favorite authors — Django Wexler!

Say hello to John Golden, Freelance Debugger, a series of novellas featuring a protagonist whose job is to keep fairies and other pesky supernatural creatures from infesting and destroying corporate computer systems.

This is what Django has to say about his new book:

I’ve had something like this idea kicking around for a long time, this story of a magical troubleshooter in a modern setting who has to deal with troublesome elves, fairies, and so on, as a kind of pulp pastiche. 

I’d also played with the idea of using footnotes for humorous effect in a couple of non-fiction pieces, inspired by some excellent uses in fiction I love—Jonathon Stroud’s Bartimaeus books, for example, or Discworld. When it all really clicked was when I tried having the story be in first person, and the footnotes written by a different character; the contrast just kept making me laugh, so I went with that.

And without further ado, here’s that zany, excellent cover:

Having had the chance for a pre-release glimpse of the story, I can tell you already, folks, this is a good one. People who love full-tilt and witty urban fantasy, especially those readers in the IT field will sure get a kick out of this. Sharp-eyed gamers might also see something of interest on that cover. (PSST! The next story will have World of Warcraft!)

Not long to wait now! John Golden, Freelance Debugger will be released as an ebook, available on Kindle February 3rd.

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