Authors Just Wanna Have Fun: Freya Robertson

It’s one thing to love an author’s books, especially when you recognize how much of themselves they put into their written worlds. It’s something more when you realize that these authors are actually *gasp* real human beings with hopes and dreams and even similar interests!

Freya Robertson isn’t shy about her love of gaming and it’s no secret that one of her favourite past times has snuck into her epic fantasy, Heartwood. I love the gorgeous world of Anguis she has created and the epic sense of adventure she has packed into the quests her characters undertake. I could certainly feel that MMORPG influence and was very excited to discover that she counts Guild Wars 2 as one of her many influences. She even writes fanfic about the adventures of Freya Wildstorm for the Chronicles of Tyria.

I love doing author interviews and digging beyond the story they’ve written, but this time, I just wanted to have fun with someone who clearly shared my love of a wonderful game. Freya indulged my whims and voila! We ended up running around Tyria completing hearts, poking at strange objects, exploring…

And, in honour of our uncoordinated gaming club, we even dared to try a jumping puzzle or two, making it almost all the way to the top before we crashed and burned!

We had such enormous fun, that we called for everyone to come! That is, we invited my co-bloggers Tiara and Mogsy to hop on board for the Winterfest Infinitarium dungeon. After overcoming obstacles that included overheating laptops and chicken wings, we successfully completed the dungeon.

Many thanks to Freya, her husband and Mogsy and Tiara. Gaming is always that much better with friends and it was fantastic to get to spend the time with you!

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