Mogsy: Favorite Series

Oh whyyyyyyy, why must you make me choooooooose?

This is the reason I’m always chafing at these kinds of “What’s your favorite ______?” questions. Whether it’s movies, songs, books, etc. I don’t know how anyone can name just one. I know I can’t. A book series is no exception, but if I gotta pick just one…

Putting aside a whole slew of series I’ve fallen in love with just recently, or ones that still have too few books published in it to be included, I’ll probably have to go with this long-time personal favorite of mine — Jacqueline Carey’s Kushiel’s Universe, which is nine books split into three trilogies: Books 1-3: Phèdre Trilogy, Books 4-6: Imriel’s Trilogy, Books 7-9: Moirin Trilogy.

All of them are quite fantastic, even though I felt the Moirin Trilogy might have missed its mark, and Imriel’s Trilogy as a follow-up wasn’t really that bad at all. Still, it’s the Phèdre Trilogy that I completely adore. It’s the one that first introduced me to the wonders and beauty of Terre D’Ange, its magic and its people.

For a long time, many of the books in this series has ranked among some of the best I’ve ever read, and I always remember the reading experience fondly and with pleasant nostalgia.

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