Guest Post: “It’s All About Family…And Thrillers” by T. Frohock

Today, we’re thrilled to welcome back author T. Frohock to the BiblioSanctum! We’ve been followers of her work for a long time, and celebrations are in order for the release of her new book Carved From Stone and Dream, the follow-up to Where Oblivion Lives in the hit series Los Nifilim! Set during the Spanish […]

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Guest Post: What Are Los Nefilim? by T. Frohock

I have been reading and loving T. Frohock’s Los Nefilim series and was curious about the Nefilim themselves as well as her choice of setting. Angels and demons are reasonably common elements of gothic horror and dark fantasy, but stories set in Spain? Not so much. So I invited Lady Frohock to give us a […]

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Guest Post: “It’s Not About Sex, It’s About Love” by T. Frohock

Sex and sexuality are subjects that we often see touched on in genre fiction, but rarely are they truly explored because it seems like both authors and readers are afraid of them. Oh we’ll get romance thrown in there more often than we need to to ensure that readers are “shipping” accordingly. But sex? Oh […]

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